Tortilla de Patatas, by any other name is still Tortilla de Patatas

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In a moment of cultural appreciation towards Spanish gastronomy, one must make mention of the tortilla de patatas, dish which is omnipresent in Spanish society. It’s a given item in every bar, restaurant or café, and a hit at every social occasion. Noone throws a party without inviting tortilla.

But if you haven’t tried this dish, it’s frankly hard to describe to others.  

The widely accepted English translation, Spanish Omelette, falls short and is completely misleading. Fritatta is getting a bit closer, although the manner of preparation, and hence the flavor, is completely different.

What then is this masked food, which is actually nothing like Mexican or Latin American tortillas?

The Spanish Tortilla de Patatas. If there was a food with an identity crisis, this would be it.

With only four ingredients; potato, egg, olive oil, and salt, it is a staple of Spanish society, yet a mystery for those who have not been to Spain. Tons of variations exist, including adding peppers, chorizo, and countless other ingredients.

If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you do so, even if it means making it your self.

Do not be intimitated by this task! One day, determined to master its preparation, I found and watched a YouTube video in Spanish, which I watched about 50 times.

After much practice (and failure) I opted to avoid the massive amounts of olive oil normally used. But it’s still hands down delicious.

Even if you have never seen, tasted, or heard of Spanish tortilla, I guarantee that with practice you can master it too.

To read my  finalized tortilla recipe, that’s adapted for those of us who have only been exposed a few times or weren’t born with tortilla in the blood, read my post  Recipe for Tortilla de Patatas: Master the authentic Spanish Omelet.


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